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You don’t need a gym to be fit. I’ve written programs for you. You can do it every other day, and it will cover all of your muscle groups.

We all start somewhere. For example, if a Chair Dip is too much, use your feet on the floor, and it will take weight off of your upper body. Don’t feel bad about working your way up to the full workout.


Remember, if you cheat at an exercise, you are only cheating yourself. Don’t let your ego do the movements for you. You might want to show off to yourself or spouse and do 50 push-ups in one set, but if you can’t do them with perfect form, then you are better off doing five sets of 10 perfect push-ups.

Warm-up Exercises

These warm-ups help prevent an injury during your workout. Perform each exercise for approximately 30 seconds. Get into the habit of doing these exercises before doing any workout.

  1. Marching in place while swinging your arms

  2. Jumping or walking Jacks

  3. Arm circles and shoulder shrugs

  4. Mountain Climbers

  5. Leg swings (forward and side to side)

  6. Hip rotation (like stepping over a fence)

  7. Hip circles (like you are hula hooping)

  8. Body weight squats

  9. Push up (performed on or off knees)

  10. Hip extensions (lie on the floor)

A Full Body Workout for Your Stay-At-Home Routine

The system is simple. If an exercise says 50 reps, you are doing 50 reps; anyway you can. You can do ten sets of five reps, five sets of ten reps, two sets of 25 reps. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you finish 50 reps with perfect form. Once you complete the reps of one exercise, move on to the next activity.


I have given repetition guidelines for beginners who don’t train very often and for more advanced trainers. But if you have never worked out, spend your first few workouts just getting used to the movements. Don’t force yourself through 25 Renegade Rows or knee-bends and then be unable to do the workout again in two or three days. Instead, adjust exercises for yourself. For Example, if a push-up is too much, instead of putting your hands on the floor, put them on a counter to make the movement a little easier.


You aren’t adding weight as you would be in the gym, but you can still track your progress. If you could do five perfect push-ups today, do six in your next workout. Track the number of sets it takes you each time to hit your total reps and watch as the number of sets decreases over time.


Beginner: 25 Reps

Advanced: 50 Reps

Chair Triceps Dips

Beginner: 20 Reps

Advanced: 50 Reps

Renegade Row

Beginner: 30 Reps

Advanced: 50 Reps


Beginner: 30 Reps

Advanced: 100 Reps

Side Plank with Hip Lift

Beginner: 20 Reps

Advanced: 50 Reps


Beginner: 25 Reps

Advanced: 50 Reps


Beginner: 25 Reps

Advanced: 50-70 Reps

Standing Calf Raises

Beginner: 25 Reps

Advanced: 50 Reps

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