Online | Thursday, June 18th -7:30 PM

Chat with Relationship Expert; PT 2

Dr. Morgan Cutlip is back by popular demand to listen and answer all of your relationship questions! Join us for another discussion with Dr. Cutlip where we will discuss your questions and answers about relationships.
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Chat with Relationship Expert; PT 2

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Thursday, June 18th -7:30 PM


Fill out the survey below to ask questions or suggest topics for discussion. Let us know what you want to talk about!

Some possible topics include:

  • Love & isolation in the time of Co-VID (Being separated from your partner or being single during this time.)
  • How to give/get space when you have no space (Tips on quarantining together)
  • Parenting 24/7 (Tips on maintaining all of your roles)
  • Dealing with different parental styles (Questions on parenting)
  • Separation from loved ones during quarantine (Dealing with missing your loved ones and friends)

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